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Love this book!  I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peek of Richard Ellicott's fantasy offering, Son of the Sixth, and give it a big thumbs up.  Great premise, great plot, and the kind of slow boiler that builds until you are so gripped you don't want to sleep until you finish.  Richard's writing is rich and mature... hard to believe this is his first book.  I want to be a Son of the Sixth!!

 - Steve "Dunj" Dunjey - Avid Fantasy Reader

Part mystery, part hack and slash fantasy with a surprising soft side and plenty of exciting twists. Funny, sad, and at times very disturbing!

 - Lisa Wetsteyn - Book lover

  • I have just finished reading the book. It was a a fabulous read. I am now hoping it doesn't take you another few years to write the follow up. I want to know the next bit. Congratulations

 - Jill Clarke

- In Son of the Sixth, first-time author Richard Ellicott riffs on the folklore concept that seventh sons of a seventh son have special powers. His gripping fantasy novel is set in a world where sixth children hold special powers, and those unsanctioned are hunted and executed by the tyrannical rulers of the land. Following three generations of the same family, the main characters flee in a quest for safety only to discover even greater evil and danger. With well-drawn characters and an intriguing and suspenseful storyline, this is a great holiday read – and one which young adults will also enjoy.

- Writing WA

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