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I grew up in Maitland, a mid-sized town in New South Wales, Australia. At an early age I fell into a group of fantastic guys who loved to play Dungeons and Dragons. It was there, in a tin shed at the back of the Hanwright family home, that Corlith the Weak was born, the son of the sixth.


After discovering that working means money, and money means lots of fun things, creativity and writing went out the door in favour of a career in retail as a franchisee for Harvey Norman Computers. Now a semi-retired house husband and general dog's body living in Perth, I have realised a dream to put pen to paper and once again bring the son of the sixth to life.

When I started out, I figured it might be a short book, maybe seventy thousand words, but as Corlith grew from boy to man, so did the book, finishing at around two hundred and twenty thousand words and seven hundred pages.

God I hope it's good. 

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