Son of the SIXTH

is book by Richard Ellicott. Love, Mystery, revenge and action aplenty are waiting just inside the cover for the would-be reader....


In a land where a sixth child carries penalty of death, a young woman, alongside two brothers, set out to escape the tyranny of those in power.

The trio are drawn to the untamed south, a land of beauty and danger, with both a bright future and a past soaked in the blood of those that came before them. There they unwittingly encounter an ancient evil that has lurked there for centuries; a remnant of a war fought long ago, a solitary creature twisted by darkness, who seeks to bend their lives to his will. Their only hope is a young orphan boy, whose very heritage may be the key to their salvation, but he has troubles of his own...

Son of the sixth is a story of the ties that bind, of friendship and family, and the power of forgiveness.

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Just finished the book and loved it. Ended up not being able to put it down, haven't read like that for quiet sometime. Beautiful story of adventure with great underlying morals and characters. Well done Richard Ellicott on an excellent first book, I look forward to the next. 

I haven't read an entire novel since high school (and that was a long time ago!), but this book kept me intrigued all the way through. Richard paints a fantastic picture of the environment to complement the characters of such depth that you'll find yourself hoping that no harm comes to them, (or does depending on said character).

Brilliant read. Captivating from start to finish, with so much content for the imagination. Suspenseful, horrific and lovely, I whole heartedly commend the author on blending so many characters, stories and timelines into a well flowing, thought provoking, unforgettable book.

A brilliant read! Richard Ellicott has written an engrossing well written story with plenty of twists and turns right through to the end. Just who the night slayer is adds a little bit of mystery. Sets it up for a sequel?

Great read. One of those books that you can't wait to get back too. Unexpected twists and turns keep it exciting. Can't wait for Richard Ellicott's next book.

A gripping, brilliantly written fantasy story. The use and spectrum of vocabulary are clever, adding greater depth to the narrative. I dearly hope we hear more from this talented author in the future. Awesome read.

I loved this book. The twists, the turns, the detailed descriptions - all brilliant. The story is engaging. Each night I would look forward to reading it. This is an epic tale of family, breaking traditions and life. You have to read it!!


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